Fasten your seat belts. We're going up.  You know us and we go by many names:, We're Many names, one cause: Replacing worn, torn and tattered American flags. We use the Glory Truck, a 1985 GMC 3500 boom truck, and we could use a little help from you, because she's a real gas guzzler. To use your credit card, click the PayPal button.  Call Nick "Sgt. Flags" at 815-968-1040 for more information or get involved in this worthwhile program. Operation Fallen Flags. That's who we are.

Want to learn more? Want to volunteer? Call Nick: 815-968-1040

We're raising the American flag. We're: Operation Fallen Flags

Nick Parnello is a Vietnam veteran who returned from the war with some painful experiences and he knew that our younger veterans who served in the Gulf War, the Iraqi War, and Afghanistan War needed some support and healing from the wounds of war which they suffered from. 

SEE THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  Fasten your seatbelt because we're flying planes and raising flags with our 1989 GMC bucket truck, high in the air, in honor of the American flag.  We replace torn and tattered American flags with brand-spanking new American Flags. Your gift to Operation Fallen Flags is NOT tax deductible. It's a gift to help defray expenses. There's a PayPal button at the upper right. Give Nick a call at 815-968-1040. He'll be glad you did, and so will you.

There's a video at the bottom of the page. See Old Glory go up, up and away.

Watch the bucket as she goes up, up and away with a newspaper photographer inside. Glory, Glory, Glory. Thanks to all the news media that support all veterans events. We appreciate the support you give all veterans. Thank you very much. The Glory Truck is nicknamed "Patsy" in honor of Jeff Teitz's mother.

WIFR-TV, channel 23 was there.

WTVO-TV, channel 17 was there

WREX-TV channel 13 was there.


Please join the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society at the LZ Peace Memorial at Midway Village, on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 1:00 pm as we honor nine more Vietnam veterans who have died from exposure to Dioxin, "Agent Orange." This dangerous chemical was sprayed extensively in Vietnam as a herbicide to defoliate the jungle.  Visit for more details.

Nick realized through his love of flying that the experience of flight could help his fellow war veterans. The brotherhood we all shared through our military experience and flying could help heal the wounds of war they all shared and suffered together. Being a commercial pilot Nick started a group called LZ Wings for Heroes.


Most of our war veterans have flown in a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft while in the military. This program is for our younger war veterans. It includes sharing time on the ground and in the air with veterans of other wars. Remember when you were a kid and you looked up at the sky and you wished you could fly like a bird? Well, that time has come. Now you can enjoy the freedom of flying and the good feelings that come with it while sharing the experience with fellow war veterans.


Flight is a moving experience that brings light and spirit to the darkest times. Free as a bird, flying above it all, bonding with other veterans. The trust and respect these veterans have for one another plays a huge part in the success of what we hope to accomplish with the LZ Wings for Heroes program. It’s Vets helping Vets.


The LZ Wings for Heroes will be run by war veterans holding a flight instructor licence or a commercial pilot license. The basic program will run for 30 days and can be extended as needed. In sharing flight with a brother veteran, it can bring a healing to both war veterans and give a sense of peace and freedom from the wounds of war.


Help us help our war veterans. When you make a financial gift (minimum $25.00) we’ll send you a unique, veteran-designed American veterans pin as a thank you for your support of our flying program, LZ Wings for Heroes.  To help, please click the PayPal button and follow the instructions. Thank you for your support and for caring about our American heroes: The veterans of the United States of America. They served with honor.  For more information about the program or to help fund it with a gift of money, please call A/C Nick Parnello, at LZ Fairwinds 815-968-1040. 


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